Oakland Council member Proposes “Tenant Protection Ordinance”

On Tuesday, September 30th, 2014, Oakland’s Community Economic Development Committee heard District 1 Council member Dan Kalb’s proposed “Tenant Protection Ordinance.” Ordinance is being proposed to help further protect tenants from harassment behavior by landlords. Click here to read more about the proposed ordinance.

The City of Oakland follows strict rent control measures, measure EE, and strict Just Cause provisions. What more can you ask from a Landlord. In my opinion, the definition of harassment is used very loosely in building this proposal. This proposal is triggered by the rising rents of Oakland, due to affordability in San Francisco. Renters are protected through state laws, and Oakland’s Rent Control ordinance. Making it harder for Oakland Landlords can really hurt the city’s economy and hurt tenants. What do you guys think of the proposed ordinance?