Stop flushing away your money

NYCWaterSavingToilet  Conserving water is not only good for the environment, it is good for the pocket as well. Each gallon of water flushed costs about a penny. Switching from a 5 gallon toilet to a 1 gallon toilet saves you about 4 cents a flush. If you’re not a mathematician that is around 80% less water being used and 80% more cost efficient. Still don’t think it’s worth an upgrade? Many counties in California are now offering rebates on high efficiency toilets as well. So not only are you saving money on each water bill for the life of your new appliance but you are also getting money back in the form of a rebate. This goes without saying that if you’re upgrading an investment property a toilet from the 80’s may not be a great selling point when trying to lease out a unit.