3 FAQs about Rent Control in Oakland & Berkeley – Education for Landlords & Investors

A lot of landlords have questions about the rent control laws and how they affect their properties. So today, we are answering some of your basic questions about rent control in the cities of Oakland and Berkeley.

What is rent control?

Rent control is a system of rent regulation that’s administered by the city. It dictates when you can raise rent and how much of an increase you can implement.

Is my house under rent control?

Whether or not your property is subject to the rent control laws depends on what type of house you have and when it was built. Generally, apartments that were built before the 1980’s are under rent control in Berkeley and Oakland. However, if you have a single family home or a condominium, they are generally exempt. Another type of property that is exempt from rent control laws is any subsidized unit such as a property that’s occupied by a tenant who participates in programs like Section 8 or Shelter Plus.

How do I increase rent?

Increases are only allowed once per year for existing tenants. The amount of that increase is regulated in Oakland by the CPI Index, and in the city of Berkeley it’s regulated by the AGA Order. Make sure you do this properly; otherwise you’ll get a contested rent and end up in court with the Rent Nik BhachuBoard. Remember to raise rent only once a year, and consider talking to a property manager in the East Bay or an attorney first because it can get tricky.

If you have any questions about rent control or how to effectively and legally raise your rent, please contact us at MSB Property Management.