Is Your Oakland Rental Property a Grow House? 3 Telltale Signs that Marijuana is Being Grown

Today we’re talking about three telltale signs that marijuana is perhaps being grown in your apartment or house.

Property Inspections

We always encourage property owners to inspect their rental units regularly. You want to take a look around the inside of the property at least annually or biannually. If your tenants are denying you access, there’s a good reason for you to be suspicious, and it’s even more important that you get inside that unit.

Complaints from Neighbors

The neighbors might also complain about foul odors constantly reaching their apartments from your tenant’s apartment. This could be another sign that something like a marijuana growing operation could be happening inside. If there is increased traffic, and the neighbors report it to you, that’s another indication that something is going on that should not be. If people are coming and going at all hours, it’s natural to think that you need to check the place out.

Higher Electric Bills

If you’re incurring a lot of electric bills that are higher than normal, or outside the usual range for similar properties, the tenants might be growing something that requires electric power. Look for increased or unusual maintenance requests as well.

These are some basic signs that something might be going on in the unit. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime at MSB Property Management.