How to Handle Problem Tenants with Your Walnut Creek Rental

The ideal tenant pays rent on time, proactively takes care of your rental property, and follows the terms of your lease agreement. Not every tenant is going to be perfect, however. We get a lot of calls from landlords who are having issues with tenants, and they’re not sure what to do. Either they are not seeing eye to eye on certain policies and expectations, or the tenants are asking for continuous maintenance, or there are other situations where the landlord just doesn’t want to deal with their tenants anymore. You must handle these situations professionally.

Avoid Emotional Attachments

Landlords can sometimes get a little emotional when they face difficult tenants, because they are so attached to the property. That can cloud your judgment, so leave emotion out of your conversations and decisions.

Communicate with Tenants

Communication is very important. We recommend that if things get complicated with your tenants, and you continue to face difficulties, schedule a face-to-face meeting. Go to the property and do a complete walk through, so that you can understand and address your tenant’s needs better. Sometimes, tenants just want to be heard and acknowledged.

Treat Your Rental Property Like a Business

Remember that this is a business, and you have a lot at stake. If you get emotional and allow your judgment to be clouded, smart decisions will be hard to make. That can lead to legal problems and costly mistakes. Having the right tenant in place will go a long way towards avoiding these situations, so take your tenant screening process seriously. Once you have that tenant in there, maintain professionalism and treat your tenant and your property like a business owner would treat a customer. You need good communication and clear expectations. Handle all maintenance responsibilities regardless of what the tenant is doing to annoy you.

Finding Resolution

If the situation is just not working out, you may have the option of giving your tenant notice to move out. This usually requires a 60 day notice period or a just cause for eviction. In areas like How to Handle Problem Tenants with Your Walnut Creek RentalBerkeley and Oakland, it gets a bit more complicated because they do require just cause when you want to evict, and you’ll have to work things out with that difficult tenant.

Property managers can provide a valuable buffer between you and your tenants. If you’d like to hear how we can help you avoid problems, contact us at MSB Property Management.