Walnut Creek Rental Property Pool Safety: Guidelines for Landlords to Follow

If you have a luxury home for rent in Walnut Creek, it probably comes with a swimming pool. That has its perks, but it also has some liability. We’re talking about rentals with swimming pools today, and how to manage your pool safety.

Pool Maintenance

There is a lot of upkeep and maintenance when it comes to swimming pools. You have to constantly check the PH levels, monitor the chlorine levels, clean the pool, and check the water. You must maintain the pumps, the filters, and the heaters. For that type of maintenance, we recommend you hire a professional pool contractor to service the pool on a regular basis. A good Walnut Creek property management company can help you hire someone reliable.

Talk to Tenants About Safety

We recommend that you really get to know your tenants before they move into your property and use the swimming pool. You want to know their abilities; if they can swim and if they have kids or toddlers who know how to swim. Taking a few proactive steps can save you from liability. You can offer to pay for some swimming lessons if there are children who don’t know how to swim. Sherman Swim School in Lafayette starts teaching kids to swim at 18 months old. That can help you decrease liability, and good tenants will appreciate the offer. When tenants move in with toddlers, you may need a fence or a pool cover or netting as additional safety precautions.

Pool Addendum

Make sure you add a pool addendum to your lease agreement. It should cover safety concerns and issues as well as maintenance responsibilities. Discuss the pool policies with your tenants, and have them sign the addendum.

Finally, contact your insurance carrier when you get a new tenant in your swimming pool property. You need to check that you have sufficient coverage for your pool and those tenants.

If you have any questions about the importance of pool safety or anything pertaining to property management in Walnut Creek, please contact us at MSB Property Management.