How to Avoid Housing Discrimination as a Walnut Creek Landlord

There are fair housing laws at the federal, state, and local level that are designed to prevent discrimination in housing. It’s important that you know how to avoid housing discrimination, because you can find yourself in a lot of legal trouble if you deny an application for the wrong reasons or treat one tenant differently … Read more

Walnut Creek Landlord Responsibilities for Dealing with Rental Properties

There are a number of responsibilities that come with owning rental properties. Today, we’re sharing some of the most important things you need to be prepared for when you own an investment home.

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What Are the Benefits of Property Management in Walnut Creek?

Today we are talking about some of the benefits of working with a professional property management company. Local Expertise First, property management firms are the local area experts. Property managers know the local laws, city ordinances and the local rental market. Each city is different. Property managers can deal with rent control and some of … Read more

How DIY Evictions Can Cost You Money in the Bay Area

Today, we’re talking about Do-It-Yourself evictions and how they can be more costly than hiring an attorney. At MSB Property Management, we always recommend that property owners use an attorney. Mistakes can be very costly. They will cost you time and money. Your eviction requires strict attention to timelines and deadlines, and you need to … Read more

Water Conservation Tips for Landlords in the Bay Area – California Drought Education

We want to share some basic water conservation tips with landlords in California, who may be wondering how the current water shortage is impacting rental properties. As you know, we’re in a drought, so it’s very important to conserve water. These are some simple tips that will make a difference. Lawn Maintenance Start your conservation … Read more

3 Ways to Avoid Liabilities When Inspecting Your Berkeley Property

We are talking about the importance of inspecting your units and the basic health and safety issues to look for when you’re walking through your properties. These things can help you with any legal issues that might arise. In cities like Berkeley, you are required to do an annual inspection. We always recommend that landlords … Read more

Is Your Oakland Rental Property a Grow House? 3 Telltale Signs that Marijuana is Being Grown

Today we’re talking about three telltale signs that marijuana is perhaps being grown in your apartment or house. Property Inspections We always encourage property owners to inspect their rental units regularly. You want to take a look around the inside of the property at least annually or biannually. If your tenants are denying you access, … Read more

How to Limit & Reduce Maintenance Costs in Your Oakland Rental Property

One of the most important questions we get from a lot of landlords is about maintenance, and how to reduce and limit those repair costs. Start by using solid materials for your rehabs and your turns. When you’re installing or remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom, use granite countertops instead of laminate and tile floors … Read more

Late Rent Action Plan for Landlords in Oakland: Property Management Education

Today we are discussing what to do about tenants who don’t pay their rent. At MSB Property Management, we have a specific action plan that we follow any time this happens. Late Fee Rent is due on the first of the month, and then we have a five day grace period after that due date. … Read more

Should You Invest in Property in the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek)?

We are your experts in the east Bay area rental market, and today we’re talking about investing in the area.

If you’re wondering whether it’s a good time to invest in the east Bay, the short answer is yes. Oakland and Berkeley are hot right now. We have a lot of tenant spillover from San Francisco because it’s harder to afford rent out there. Good tenants are coming to Oakland and Berkeley and other east Bay neighborhoods in order to get more for their money.

There is a lot of gentrification in certain neighborhoods in the cities and the surrounding areas, so it’s becoming a popular place to live. There’s a lot of Nik Bhachudevelopment happening and highly qualified tenants are choosing to be in these areas.

Home prices are competitive right now, but interest rates are still low, so if there’s an opportunity to buy a piece of property that you can turn into a rental home, you should definitely invest.

We would be more than happy to help you decide where and what to buy. If you need any assistance, or you’d like to learn more about the east Bay rental market, please contact us at MSB Property Management.