Does Your Walnut Creek Tenant Have a Service Animal? What Landlords Must Know

  We are talking about renting properties with tenants who have service animals. As a landlord, you need to be aware of your responsibilities and your tenant’s rights. Service Animal Definition The question always arises – what is a service animal? A service animal is trained to provide assistance to an individual with disabilities. For … Read more

Walnut Creek Rental Property Pool Safety: Guidelines for Landlords to Follow

If you have a luxury home for rent in Walnut Creek, it probably comes with a swimming pool. That has its perks, but it also has some liability. We’re talking about rentals with swimming pools today, and how to manage your pool safety. Pool Maintenance There is a lot of upkeep and maintenance when it … Read more

How to Get My Walnut Creek Home Rent Ready

When you’re getting your property ready for the rental market, we always recommend that first, you do a lot of research and see what other properties are doing in the area. You want to know what kind of rent they’re asking and how the properties look. Take a close look at

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How to Handle Problem Tenants with Your Walnut Creek Rental

The ideal tenant pays rent on time, proactively takes care of your rental property, and follows the terms of your lease agreement. Not every tenant is going to be perfect, however. We get a lot of calls from landlords who are having issues with tenants, and they’re not sure what to do. Either they are not seeing eye to eye on certain policies and expectations, or the tenants are asking for continuous maintenance, or there are other situations where the landlord just doesn’t want to deal with their tenants anymore. You must handle these situations professionally.

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